whilst IBLIS shopping SAJADAH

By | 4 Maret 2018

simply to mirror together and with none purpose, please examine. That afternoon before dzuhur. one of the Devils is inside the mosque. by the way that day Friday. Time for people to accumulate. The evil has in the mosque. He seems so solemn. humans commenced coming. devil is transformed into hundreds of bureaucracy. He entered from all instructions. input through windows, doors, air flow, or input thru drain holes. In anybody, devil also enters by using ear. go into the eye nerve. input the veins, then circulate the coronary heart fee of every pilgrim who is present. satan is also connected to every prayer rug.

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“hello, the satan” called Kiai while he entered the mosque.

The devil is disturbed.

“You just do your job, Kiai. No need which will ban me. this is my proper to disrupt everybody on this mosque “responded satan curtly.
“this is God’s house, Blis! A holy location. if you need to interrupt, you could be outside later “Kiai attempted to power away.
“Kiai, today is the day of trial of the brand new system”.

Kiai * stunned.

“i am making use of a new way to ensnare your people”.
“With what?”.
“With a prayer rug.”
“What are you able to do with a prayer rug, Blis?”.

“First, i will go to each industrial stock owner prayer mat. they’ll entice me with a massive earnings dream. therefore, they will have the coronary heart to blackmail employees to paintings under the minimal salary local (UMR), for the finest gain “.

“Ah, that’s an vintage manner that you frequently use. not anything new, Blis “.
“it is not just Kiai”.

“i will also cross on every dressmaker prayer mat. i’m able to cultivate the concept that the designers make a wide prayer mat “.
“What for?”.
“So i’m more likely to instill a feel of selfishness in each human beings you lead, Kiai”.
“in addition, I may be more unfastened to enter the prayer ranks. With a extensive prayer mat, the rows of shafts will be tenuous. And i’m in that purchaser. There I can also unfold the prayer rugs “.

The satan and Kiai Dialogs are interrupted for a second.

two human beings came, and each of them unfurled a prayer rug. both are facet via aspect. certainly one of them, has a wide prayer mat. meanwhile, every other smaller mat. human beings who have a extensive prayer mat, simply unfold their prayer mats. with out searching at the proper-left. meanwhile, humans who’ve a smaller prayer mat, do no longer feel excellent if you have to induce different congregations who have already come. without wondering, the proprietor of the small prayer mats unfold out the prayer mat. as a result, most of the massive prayer mats had been covered via a 3rd. both are nevertheless performing sunnah prayers.