“THEY” additionally HAD past

By | 4 Maret 2018

The opener, at 22:00 that night time drizzle accompanied my journey to my place of job, a manufacturing facility that produces a variety of plastic products, placed in a metropolis nicknamed “Lobster city” in East Java (in all likelihood living in Surabaya and surrounding regions). the journey from my house that is placed in the former town of Majapahit country takes about 1 hour to get to my work vicinity.

My task? i am only a security protect, however due to this paintings i can write a story here. And my journey began. previously introduce my name Alif, i am the first baby of 3 brothers. i’ve 2 more youthful siblings, the primary is Fahri, he’s still in second grade of excessive faculty, and the youngest is his call Mei, new class 1 junior high. At 22:fifty five “eventually arrived” I stated to myself. I right away park my bike and stroll to the safety publish, placed my jacket and bag into the locker and then I standby the front of the post because at eleven pm the shift 2 employees will pass home.

I do no longer know why the hair on my neck is sort of a goose bump, and “Ahmad, I told you not to appear abruptly at the back of me, you always startle me, do I regularly say to seem in the front of me inside 10 meters” Ahmad stated.

“who’re you speakme to?” requested Sam, one of my fellow shift guard.
“Eh Sam baseball, that turned into just the employee simply now” my elak.

Ahmad, I realize from childhood that he constantly come with me, and in some way handiest i can see it. he’s a genie, a type of jinn, a spirited creature or whatever his name is.

“Sorry lif, power in the banyan tree ahead of you is just too huge, I can’t use my strength there” said Ahmad.

“* Hmm” I just answer sober.

Ahmad, has a tangible form of a middle-elderly man, sporting a Javanese conventional get dressed complete with kris, big and firm and his face? it is hard to describe it, do you recognize the person of Raiden in mortal opponents? extra or much less like that, his eyes are all white and there are blue veins that connect from the cheek to his eyes. furthermore “they” additionally have past component 2.