By | 4 Maret 2018

hey buddy KCH, back once more with me miki mouse, and this is my 2nd story before the terrible screaming tale. well I just tell you good enough, so the tale is like this. At that point i used to be little about the age of 10 years I assume. It became 8 o’clock at night time i used to be alone at home. My circle of relatives remains at my grandmother’s residence.

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due to the fact I did no longer go due to the fact i used to be lazy, I stayed alone. after which at home I continually play the cellphone keeps till I forget the time and at that point i used to be very thirsty and right now deh me to the kitchen to take milk due to the fact i like milk * hehe. and that i simply took milk inside the refrigerator. As I take the milk I see a bit door of the warehouse due to the fact my kitchen in the nook there may be a warehouse and the refrigerator is faced with the warehouse door and the warehouse door is a touch bit too small.

nicely when I peeked on the barn door, i was surprised when I noticed within the barn there pocong and pocongnya see me with a smile and study his black teeth to me. and i ran to the the front of the house and that i went to my pal’s house because in my house there has been no person. once I went to my pal’s residence, I advised my friend that I noticed a pocong in a shed.

My friend changed into additionally afraid to concentrate to my tale and that i stayed at my friend’s house till my circle of relatives got here home. while the incident turned into the refrigerator within the kitchen confronted with the warehouse changed into transferred to an extended distance from the warehouse. And until now I do now not dare to come back in the direction of the warehouse because i’m afraid if there may be a pocong once more.

Sorry if the story is less frightening but that is a true tale, and be cautious if you approached the warehouse in your home due to the fact there may be pocong, and when the incident I became so scared of pocong. And after I advised all my pals i was usually within the equal worry my buddy. some are pretending to be pocong maintain nakutin me. Sebel.