The thriller tale of the Pocong Ghost The Horror of the Horror

By | 6 Maret 2018

Pocong is one of the ghosts that claimed to be one of the maximum spooky ghosts in so that you can make all and sundry who saw it run scarred. there are numerous stories about the arrival of pocong that happened inside the community. one of the matters going on is the mystery story of the ghost pocong of the sacred graves spoken by using Wahyudi, a young man who lives to your place of birth of Andahan. How’s the tale? take a look at out greater underneath.

starting from Ronda Friday night

just like the village in wellknown, in order to maintain the safety of the village, then held patrols each night time. That night, Friday night time, members of patrol on obligation there are 6 humans. The cold air that pierced the bones did not hose down Wahyudi’s aim and his pals to maintain watch at the nearby patrol publish. together with Hengki, Dibyo, Yopi, Trisna and Sugi they acquire at the ronda publish round 9 pm.

followed by a coffee kettle and a pair of fried dishes, they mentioned things before they were given round. The chook crows started out to sound, and they organized to patrol across the village. this is the start of the ghost story of the sacred tomb pocong they will experience. to speed up the patrol, the contributors were divided into three companies, namely Wahyudi and Hengki for the south region, Dibyo and Yopi for the north vicinity and Trisna and Sugi waiting on the patrol post.

Smoke Steaming in Tomb vicinity

appropriate duties given, Dibyo and Yopi right now headed north and along the streets to the brink of the river armed with flashlights that they carry. even as Wahyudi and Hengki rushed south to the rice fields. without a doubt, the southern path is a direction this is often avoided via the patrol because this vicinity may be very frightening and dark. not best that, they should pass thru the sacred tomb in which there are numerous large timber there.

continued story of the thriller of the ghost pocong the sacred tomb starts when Wahyudi and Hengki finally need to pass thru the sacred tomb. The darkish and lonely ecosystem made the night time seem even greater creepy, specially as they handed the tomb. Hengki turned into the primary to experience the strangeness. As he handed the tomb, he saw the smoke growing in one of the tombs and without realizing that it turned into the pocong of the sacred tomb.

Hengki regarded nervous and expressed his anxiety on Wahyudi. however, Wahyudi appeared detached and said that it might be smoke from the garbage burned through Mbah Bejo, the caretaker of the tomb. After that, people with a growing sense of horror, hold their journey of patrol.

now not a ways from wherein they went, all of sudden heard a totally loud bamboo swipe while the wind is blowing quite softly. The frightened horror grew tingling with it, even as the ignorant Wahyudi felt disbelief of the ghosts appearing in front of them. but, just three steps they stroll, they are amazed via the white discern striking on the tree fringe of the tomb.

“Pocooong”, both compact shout even as strolling. They ran hard to leave the tomb area as soon as possible. because of fear, they become loopy and do now not heed things around them till Hengki’s sandals broke and left somewhere.

After some time, they eventually arrived on the put up patrol while panting. They meet with Trisna and Sugi who’re in rate of guarding the patrol post. as a substitute, they told of the occasions they skilled on Trisna and Sugi. Their story adds an extended list of mystery tales ghost pocong sacred tomb experienced by way of nearby villagers.