By | 4 Maret 2018

Assallamu’allaikum wr, wb. Hy all Kch pals meet once more ya, this time I made a story with the identify “discipline”. in this tale i am going to tell you about the field close to my house, it’s virtually close however because there may be a time so the way must be twisted, this tale has some thing to do with my other story, the title “what my pal noticed” and “do no longer waste in times “because the TKP become related.

the field I do not understand whether or not some thing horrible has ever occurred, which I understand the sector used to be a rice subject. the mystical incident that ever happened and that i do not forget there have been a few, due to the fact i used to be a child so I knew there has been a paranormal incident happening.

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the first incident of a friend of the overdue om’ku (initials J). J used to work as a scavenger (garbage collector), it took place at night time he finished operating. He lives in the front of my house due to the fact his boss (the scavenger boss) rentals the land of my overdue grandfather. whilst he desired to sleep he noticed the window toward the square simply across the river, as he was looking toward the sphere he noticed a figure of a white astral creature. After the observe turned out it become a pocong figure.

the second one incident at that time was my neighbor (call it bu’DM) bu’DM whilst taking walks toward his residence, as he appeared towards the sector extra exactly towards the residence which is proper subsequent to the sector, due to the fact he could not see the sphere because the constructing blocked . when bu’DM seemed up proper inside the water toren (an area to keep smooth water) bu’DM noticed a discern of a long-haired lady sitting near toren water.

Bu’DM had time to assume that it become someone sitting, but if in thoughts once more there may be no ladder to climb up and also for what a lady sitting there at night time. immediately bu’DM bumped into the residence, the incident turned into a tingle.

The 1/3 incident when D bu want to throw the garbage at instances close to the field he noticed there was a lady and the lady became so very frightening if you need to study my tale titled “do now not waste at times”. The 1/3 incident whilst my friend got here domestic from the store he saw the determine turned into in the discipline turned into standing unusually the discern is like wearing a white blouse and on his head there is some thing like pocong, read the entire tale with the title “what my pal see?”. such a lot of tales from me sorry if much less frightening wassallamu’allaikum wr, wb.