By | 4 Maret 2018

whats up men, introduce my call Ahmad raihan my paradise comes from South Jakarta, precisely inside the marketplace location of new week, I little want to share the story approximately my experience once I parted junior high faculty to Yogyakarta. permit’s get began. At that time me and my buddy had a plan to go farewell to Yogyakarta for 3 days, when I make the farewell I all my magnificence compact comply with the separation, I leave on August 14 after I boarded the H * BA tourism bus from the market at 3 o’clock afternoon through the Pantura line.

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when my bus arrived at the Pantura line across the night, my feeling started to experience horrific once I stopped at the bus stop of H * BA in Salatiga vicinity. At that time I went to the bathroom to just wash my face to dispose of sleepiness in my thoughts * hehe, I finished washing my face saw a father entered the toilet and by no means pop out. As I sat in front of the rest room patio at the same time as playing the nice and cozy meatballs, I in no way noticed the daddy, after I asked the extraordinary aspect to the meatballs man in the front of the bathroom.

Me: mas kok turned into there going into the rest room now not out-out ya mas?
trader Meatballs: Leee, here’s the same old leee do now not go out-out who died in this toilet simply there.
Me: (listening to this i used to be instantly faded and silent), if feasible understand when pak died?
dealer Meatballs: At that point leee around 2005, father were buying and selling meatballs here from 2001 lee.

listening to this I immediately rushed into the bus to get to sleep, and that i without delay pay the meatball fry with 20,000 money with out soliciting for alternate. once I were given to the bus, my buddies had been asleep, I sat in the lower back row, when i was about to sleep I felt a breeze blowing my ears again then.

I at once prayed to Allah SWT that i am getting to sleep soon, the next me and my pals arrived at my vacation spot villa in Tugu vicinity, Jogja near Malioboro, the villa became referred to as villa semar, when I entered the villa the abnormal aspect occurred again, the villa ecosystem very quiet. In front of the villa looks very large mahogany tree covering the fence round him, once I entered into the villa room become the villa has 10 rooms big enough.

I occupy a 3rd floor room that carries 2 rooms, in my room take a ruin to alleviate the stiffness after the bus experience, end my smash visit market klewer to shop for system for three days together with corn sausage and others, finished shopping for equipment I also rushed to fill the belly with a burn with my pals.

finished chatting with my buddy, then I play the game with my buddy that game is seeking out cash cash, once I began the first recreation I commenced with 6 players i’m, rudi, sensible, elsa, princess, wiwit. The crew is divided into 2 groups specifically guys’s and ladies’s team, after I finished playing the game and i’m the winner, * wkwk display off * hehe.

The night time turned into too past due, the ladies rushed into their rooms, due to the fact i used to be panitianya, I directed at around 23:45 to get into every room (ladies) after that, we experience the night at the brink of the swimming pool with a depth of about 1 meter. different kids are top, a few are listening to tune, a few are playing guitar, some are gambling cards, some are swimming, and others.

After finishing touch some of the men move into the room nonetheless respectively to relaxation, to accumulate strength for tomorrow go to Borobudur Temple, by the pool I left 3 of me this is me, rudi and maman, i was still there till 01.25 pm. once I completed gambling the guitar and my belly was complete, I went to the pinnacle myself because I want to go to the primary room that changed into on the 3rd ground.

because the washroom there was most effective on the 1st ground for ladies and third floor for guys, once I got to the living room even as consuming the relaxation of the corn I had burned, atypical matters reappeared. I saw my friend who was 1 room with me changed into sitting beside the stairs with a ducked position and light face and hair unraveled to the fore, after I greeted.

“Buset lu cepet banget already right here, is lu the same me in the pool? Oh ye lu now not up man, it’s no longer correct night to stay right here on my own “.

He just appeared down and shook his head with out looking at me, without interest I went up and said.

“nicely lu right here plenty of buddies lu, Setaaan, * ahahah”.

once I arrived in the restroom, I urinated and some thing strange occurred once more while my door became locked, there has been a ngetuk three times loudly with out a valid from outdoor the restroom with out my ignoring my shouting.

“staying power woi! it is overdue ja