right down to THE GAIB forest

By | 4 Maret 2018

sooner or later there are 5 friends who want to camp within the woodland that he said the woodland become haunted. And the five buddies named Andi, Peter, Siska, Rani, and Ayu. They plan to camp within the woodland that the forest humans say is haunted. At that time they arranged to fulfill on the cafe.

Peter: uh, sure we can camp in the woodland?
Andi: sure, why?
Peter: * nothing cuman the jungle humans said it turned into haunted.
Siska: as a minimum Peter is frightened of the coward base.
Ayu: Do now not fight we’re ready, the following day we can pass camping.
Siska: yes we need to pass home yuk!
Andi: yes yuk!

They went home. And the next day they got down to camp. when the journey into the woodland did not show up, however after they entered the woodland something unusual factor took place. Their car arrived-no strike by using itself.

loading …
Siska: Who the hell is his car breaking down anyway?
Andi: * I do no longer recognise why there’s a lot gasoline.
Peter: yes we’ve got a spoil right here first yuk day is getting darkish ya.
Andi: allow’s simply relaxation here day after today we hold the adventure.

in addition they rest in the forest. As they relaxation they hear a legitimate like kuntilanak. once they wake up to their astonishment, the figure they see isn’t kuntilanak. but additionally they see pocong, genderuwo, wewe gombel, and extra. They attempted to run but their efforts had been in useless. Their paths are blocked by using ghosts, and they can’t discover a manner out.

Peter: duh how the ghosts hih cowl our manner.
Andi: Our pals push these ghosts with all their would possibly!

additionally they pushed the ghosts however could not ghost it like a completely huge stone can’t be pushed. continued in the journey into the mystical wooded area part 2.