old AND contemporary

By | 4 Maret 2018

within the afternoon at dusk in a lifeless metropolis. seen a lovely female named Lala changed into going for walks on the street alley. Lala become chased via a demon called Lautek. Lala saved jogging till subsequently out of the small alley and into the massive street. Feeling tired Lala determined to cover in the back of a drum.

“* Krekek, krekek” a cart that is being driven by means of a young boy. A younger guy named Keriting who become selling a box milk around. immediately Curling stopped his cart after seeing a spooky determine unexpectedly popping out of a small alley. A tall, huge parent that looks like a wolf however walks upright.

Lautek: what younger boy do you notice a woman carrying a sword?

Curls have become increasingly afraid due to the fact the spooky discern may want to talk. clearly Curly is aware of that the woman is hiding behind a drum.

Curly: sorry I do not understand (he stated shaking with fear).

“Bruakh, tlarak, no” a cart crumbled to pieces. Lautek went directly to the hunt after crushing his cart. at the same time as Curly so silence lamented his badly damaged wagon. Seeing Lautek is long gone a long way away and not seen Lala eventually got here out of hiding.

Lala: thank you for helping me.

however Kinky did not solution and changed into still silent. The Curly do just take a field of milk promoting that is nevertheless intact. when you consider that eventually Lala intends to depart the Curly to continue the get away.

Curly: howdy, wait.
Lala: what’s wrong? (immediately Lala stops).
Curly: where are you going?

Seeing the solar cross down almost at once Lala ran back.

Lala: comply with me fast.

Curly at once ran after him. till finally Lala stopped strolling in the front of a house.

Lala: hurry into the residence.

but Kinky just stood in the front of the door and saw Lala setting a few yellow little balls across the house.

Lala: permit’s move in, we’re secure on this residence.

With confusion Keriting joined the house. Lala sighed and sat on the porch in the residence. After that Lala leaned against the wall and located a sword. whilst Kink still stood nevertheless holding a container of milk.

Lala: there is no consuming water on this residence, i am thirsty.
Curly: twenty thousand rupiah. (whilst displaying a carton of milk inside the manage of his hand).
Curly: but still much less.
Lala: You can’t use the money on this town.

Lala stood up and walked over to Keriting. Then Lala picked up the milk field that became in Kink’s handkerchief and “* glek, glek, glek”.

Curly: do now not spend, i am thirsty too.
Lala: yes, it is.

Curly Drink right away the remaining milk of the container that Lala gave. at the same time as Lala went for a walk searching out something in the house and determined an oil lamp.

Lala: Do you have got matches?
Curly: no.

“* Srink” Lala took out a knife.

Curly: I do not have a healthy, I do not smoke.

Lala prepares to release a knife on the Curls.

Curly: do no longer kill me.

“* Sreetth” a knife shot right away closer to the Curls. “* Creebh” a knife turned into stuck. there’s fresh blood flowing in a knife. Lala ran straight to pick out up the empty milk container within the curly hands. Then ran again to the mouse with the knife behind Keriting. after which Lala bleeds the rat’s blood into an empty milk container.