By | 4 Maret 2018

Assallammualaikum KCH friend, on this story i can tell the character and story of jason and bastian. properly just the tale sure. Jason and Bastian are brothers, Jason’s brother and his sister bastian. i have been pleasant due to the fact that they had been even the primary time we met even I forgot (i’m forgetful bro).

So we will speak approximately them ok. So they’re the kids of the murder sufferers of their family home. At that time jason and bastian and his own family have been killed and the corpse become thrown away. And i’m able to also speak their residences.

1. Jason

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he is naughty, self-confident, and boastful for his appropriate appears. certainly jason could be very good-looking, but he also ignorant frequently nakutin me at night. yes despite the fact that i am indigo but every so often i am scared because jason constantly marvel me pals. commonly if night time and night I need to sleep and constantly jason menjahili me via knocking the door and after I open the door changed into * ndak nobody, however after I flip around there is jason wonder me and i was surprised because ghost ignorant it.

2. Bastian

the character of the bastian is an awful lot exclusive from that of the ignorant kakanya. Bastian is 7 years vintage and jason is 11 years old. Bastian is whiny, coward (even though ghostly but cowardly), and he also continually makes me glad whilst i am disappointed. Bastian is a nice individual to me and jason is even though ignorant but he additionally constantly makes me glad.

Jason and bastian have been every now and then preventing and assuring my house until they both broke the vase of mama’s favored flower. And if they combat it is truly complex. So in the event that they combat I constantly separate them straight away, and that they both also once in a while also recognize and play together with joy.

adequate my friends first story from me good enough, and i also need to say thanks or in java language kesuwon to bang jhon for publishing my tale this.