LITTLE kids who’s REALY

By | 4 Maret 2018

howdy pals lower back once more nih identical i the rendy. this is my 5th story with the ghost of a small toddler who is right at singing, and simply the tale is adequate. so that morning I wake up from my sleep and back domestic at university, so i am going to paintings university looking television and consuming snacks (like a small toddler) * hehe.

after I wake up, I preserve to bathe no longer forget to comb your enamel, eh kok so lyrics music ya * haha kayak kindergarten kids only. lower back to the story, so when i’m after a bath i used to be immediately seize a snack and watch tv due to the fact at the beginning of the morning tv show amusing. when I got uninterested in looking tv, I went into the room and play cellular legends sport, you already know (not me tempe) this you men.

you realize the game once more lots of paintings gambling mobile games legends lho due to the fact the game is interesting (through the manner kok so talk approximately the game besides) good enough maintain tale. whilst i was cool once more play, all of sudden heard the sound of making a song inside the kitchen. i used to be curious and that i samperin deh beginning of the sound. once I arrived in the kitchen I noticed a little boy who turned into singing a song? What track, yes, I additionally do now not recognise what music, and once I got the girl, I asked him.

A: me (rendy)
hka: ghost academy concert

loading …
A: why are you here misplaced sure?
hka: i’m looking for my mom once more.
A: wherein is your mom wherein?
hka: i was separated from my mom while i used to be killed through the criminals at domestic time.
(My emotions are stunned inside the unhappy blend).

A: what is your name?
hka: my name is lumina.

I call jason and bastian, I inform them to play with lumina. And the three of them played, Jason and bastian had been satisfied to play with him. I additionally feel happy because they play together with joy.

I went on playing legends cell games, they performed up to at least one hour and lumina said goodbye with me, jason and bastian to go find her mother. He then after saying goodbye to me went at once by way of singing the music * na-na-na what dah music I * no longer realize however his voice so melodious, maybe he is a candidate dangdut academy * hehe.