By | 4 Maret 2018

only a story from the humans in my village whilst i used to be a kid. Jurig aki bald whilst it’s far in the Indonesian language is the ghost of bald grandfather. Jurig akbar barely used to show up in a manner this is known as the gonggo. The Gonggo while i was in a place where I got a -meter deep drain in the floor underneath the driveway.

At both ends of a one meter diameter drain have two one-and-a-half-square-sized water reservoirs at the proper and left of the driveway. round this gonggo there are best plantations and empty land that tumbuhi wild vegetation and now not some distance from gonggo there are big leafy rubber bushes.

From the gonggo there are approximately 2 hundred meters to the south of the new avenue there is a house of the villagers. while to the north of the road there are about 100 meters more new there’s a resident’s residence. inside the past, some of the riders in my village frequently had an coincidence at night inside the gonggo. From the facts received from some individuals who had the twist of fate they noticed the discern of a bald-headed grandfather wearing a long-sleeved black blouse and black trousers that regarded all at once inside the middle of the street in the gonggo.

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So with a very amazed motorcyclists will instantly swerved to avoid the wheel till finally fell. but after the motorcyclist fell his bald headed figure all at once disappeared.

Jurig aki bald inhabitant gonggo, so the humans in my village named the discern. At elementary college I often sincerely skip the gonggo, even supposing for example a bicycle tire I leaked my dad could visit the gonggo and take the rubber latex from the rubber tree inside the gonggo. moreover jurig aki bald inhabitant gonggo component 2.