By | 4 Maret 2018

hi there guys meet me once more with me ie ahmad raihan paradise * hehe, this time I need to percentage the second one enjoy when I climbed Ciremai mountain on 13 april 2017 which is precisely the night time of friday * hehe, straight away we start it. initially i’m able to introduce my very own buddies who are mountaineering pals while i’m in Ciremai, ok then me and my pals have plans to climb Ciremai mountain for 2/three days.

At that time I went up Ciremai mountain with the aid of bus public transportation lur agung leaving from bus station of Ciputat at 01.00 am, I went with buddy named riki (23 years old), barak (25 years) and every other unyu-unyu * hehe Kebo ( 18 years). after I commenced the journey to Kuningan terminal there was no obstacle in any way, while arrived at the terminal at round eight am, I endured to transit the usage of angkot (forgot the number).

After that till at the foot of Mount Ciremai exactly the route of climbing palutungan, after the bottom camp we mengepack provider lower back to decide whether our baggage there’s less or now not, after the p.c. at approximately nine.30 we fill the stomach first to re-crammed energy. At that time we commenced the song at 10:00 we split the two teams, me with kebo and riki with barracks.

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After that we began the adventure by using praying first, my pal named kebo usually underestimated the mountain that he climbed by means of announcing “already hayu, so late later” we did no longer forget about his speech whilst we pray, after that we climbed up to post one that is Cigowong put up. when I reached midway to my friend’s cigowong submit, Kebo changed into exhausted, he felt his back changed into heavy and he stated there has been always a person calling him from a distance.

At that point we damage in a tree to open the snack due to exhaustion, we hold the journey, after arriving at post one turns riki and barracks have arrived in advance than me, after the posts we handed, until i was on the post pesanggrahan 1 we have been up till 19.00 and we decided to construct a tent there because of the crowds who built tents in the location.

finished to build a tent of peculiar matters came about again I saw the shadow of a massive determine outside the tent, i used to be right now surprised and constructed my friend referred to as kebo, surprisingly riki and barracks have been out of doors the tent turned into cooking for our meal 4, strangely again if he each see what I see then why he is both no longer afraid? I woke my buddy.

Me: Bo, bo stand up bo. (while shaking his frame).
Kebo: what the heck han? Disrupt people sleep on my own lu.
Me: I noticed shadow bo out of doors the tent.
Kebo: what is the shadow anyway? crazy lu sure, simply the devil lu fear * cemen lu * hahaha.
Me: that is in nature, bo do no longer talk arbitrarily.
Kebo: I do no longer care ah, satan to, fuck to, diamin by myself we do no longer trouble him * ngaco.

After that I went to sleep and woke up at 1 am to carry out summit assault, after I were given back to look the odd determine from a distance. I noticed the faint shadow of a tall man at the end of the crater of Ciremai, instantly amazed and asked my friend to rush down, and my buddy understood my conduct toward him, finally whilst he reached the tent at 11 am I rested, and decided to cook rice first for the strength.

After dinner and prepare me down at round thirteen:30 the group again in for the 2 that I returned with kebo, after I arrived on the post 2 ie kuta post, I relaxation due to the fact the clock shows at 18:02 finally I took the head lamp from my bag and positioned it on the pinnacle . after I became on my buddy, i used to be bowled over, I noticed a large bushy parent following him, in my thoughts at once istigfar and chanting short letters with out stopping, I deliberately did now not scream for fear of panicking my friend, after my manner back , I felt in circles and did not get to the submit 1, after I asked my pal.

Me: Bo stopped first, this is not to the factor.
Kebo: sure han my lower back too sick really do now not know why from post 2 changed into sick, perhaps because I urinate beneath the tree this time huh?
Me: lu pee underneath the tree ?!
Kebo: * hehehe dying han.
Me: regrettably bo, we deserve on this spin isn’t to-till, which is at eight once more.
Kebo: Yeah, just take it slowly.

ultimately me and kebo additionally retain the adventure, I straight away forestall and look lower back to whether the black figure turned into still following? apparently nevertheless, the height of about 2 meters and all black, although best the shadow on my own. once we prayed for help to Allah SWT, we eventually arrived at put up 1 at 20 o’clock