GOD girl SORRY element 2

By | 4 Maret 2018

preceding evil woman ghost. i was shocked to pay attention the words of my sister who wanted to meet the ghost of the girl (I do no longer know her call till now) and when I chatted with my sister suddenly the flower vase that was at the desk fell on its very own and at that time the table shifted itself with none shifting the desk. Then the books had been thrown at me and my sister, my sister and i were scared and ran away. however while my sister and i ran for fear that there has been a ghostly figure of the woman blocking off my direction and my brother.

A: me (rendy)
okay: brother (linda)
H: ghost

A: how is Linda’s brother?
ok: pass you do now not disturb us (my sister stated shouting).

And by way of that point my brother became bouncing off through himself and that i went over to my brother however the ghost strangled my throat once more and i yelled at the ghost.

A: pass you why you trouble me preserve on, what am I incorrect?

The ghost whispered to me.

H: leave you proper now.

instantly the ghost eliminated the stranglehold from my neck and went away. I went up to my brother and requested.

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A: brother is k?
k: brother is k.
A: why did the ghost want us to move from grandma’s residence?
k: it appears the ghost hates us and needs us to move from grandma’s house.
A: i’ve to inform my dad approximately this.

At that moment the moms and dads got here domestic and were bowled over by means of the mess of the house. I also advised you approximately what had passed off to me and my feet. when father heard my father’s story amazed and my father without delay went looking for a plane ticket for us to move home, (at the time his father is frightened) and at night time moms and dads are searching out plane tickets and sister move looking for eating out because grandma is not ripe and at home there cuman me, my sister (roni), and grandmother (grandmother changed into asleep).

At that time I maintain the slumbering roni sleeping and even as i was preserving roni I heard someone playing the piano however no one at domestic apart from me, grandmother, and roni. Grandma sleeps in her room due to the fact worn-out, I also approached the foundation of the piano sound and surprised me when I noticed the ghost lady was gambling the piano and saw me then strangle me (usual) ghost or even then say.

H: I stated go you from right here!

I spoke back it.

a: ok tomorrow i can go.

And the ghost disappeared again, day after today my own family and i went home and stated good-bye to my grandmother and by means of that time I in no way again met the ghost of the ngeselin once more. but why bizarre ghost hate me and my circle of relatives however do no longer hate my grandmother? completed.