By | 4 Maret 2018

hello see you once more, this is my 3rd tale. i’ll inform you what befell to my brother. Ever due to the fact that my grandfather had cease his task of being a caretaker of one of the southern beaches, my grandfather and that i went back to Malang, my mother’s residence and next to my residence, my grandfather’s house.

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next to my house is a big backyard that many in tumbuhi flora and bushes which includes coconut trees, mango, jackfruit, durian and guava and plenty extra. sooner or later my sister and that i went to the yard searching out mangoes. inside the middle of the journey i discovered coconut fruit however there may be a unusual fruit of kelapanya because the scale is greater than traditional.

Then I take it and take it domestic because it is traditional to carry domestic coconut fruit in the prepare dinner at home so no longer a strange thought. in the center of the journey home, coconut fruit became introduced heavy and added weight, I simply noticed the coconut fruit, how amazed me and sister because the coconut fruit have become the spontaneous head of coconut fruit I simply threw.

once I threw the pinnacle rolled faraway from me. in the end I don’t forget my grandfather’s message if there are numerous genies and evil spirits who like to intrude. it truly is the story that i am experiencing real and even though there are still peculiar matters taking place in that area, next time i will inform.