EVEN night time LIKE ITS generally

By | 4 Maret 2018

hello my name is misbah grade four SD and my area in Surabaya, East Java. So that is my actual tale that I skilled in the last 12 months, so it become at night (yes due to the fact i love to exit at night), i used to be the equal with my pals at night time and i purchased a snack in the shop in my village, oh sure just info my village is a woodland who inhabited kuntilanak, back to the story.

nicely after that I endured the distinction, but while i used to be close to the village rectangular, my buddy turned into not there, suddenly from the sound of the mosque came the laughter of a lady (it is nine o’clock) and all of sudden I got scared, I pedaled my bike to my residence however after I got home unexpectedly above the gate there has been a girl who changed into wanting to jump after that I shouted “do not”.

however after that, the woman disappeared and that i went internal, then I requested my mother. My mother said she became the ghost of a corpse that when she became evil and whilst she died the frame changed into thrown into the well, however the subsequent day the nicely become destroyed. After that at night time all at once there has been a voice from the properly that had been destroyed and i went there and there may be a mbak mbak who became observing the properly and said “bury my body”.

He stated it over and over and that i went instantly into my house and whilst i was approximately to enter the door of the residence, the door of my residence turned into like a person retaining it. I additionally feel uncomfortable and that i ran to the mosque, inside the mosque there is a p.c. of ustad and that i advised the cleric if there’s a ghost within the properly in the back of my residence.

p: pak ustad
a: me

p: Misbah why are you jogging like that?
a: there’s a ghost p.c..

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After that, the clerk ran instantly to the gate and without delay jumped from the gate, reputedly the ustad became the husband of the dead girl whose body turned into thrown into the nicely and inside the morning the frame of the ustad packet and his wife changed into buried inside the funeral. such a lot of memories from me sorry if no longer frightening to see you again.