down to GAIB wooded area component four

By | 4 Maret 2018

formerly ventured into the magic money owed part three. whilst the flying head ghost become coming near Andi, Peter additionally hit the flying head ghost with the wood and the ghost of the flying head become lifeless.

Peter: Andi you * okay?
Andi: it’s nothing.
Peter: yes we are searching out Siska, Ayu, and rani yuk.
Andi: come on.

they may be searching out siska, ayu, and rani. however inside the center of the adventure to find siska, ayu, and rani, they are within the presence of banaspati (ghost hearth). The ghost’s ghost additionally attacked them with a completely hot fire. Andi took his drink bottle and poured it into the ghost of the banaspati, and his ghost ghost vanished.

At that point they went on a journey to locate siska, ayu, and rani. just then Andi and Peter find the glowing ball inside the trees and when Andi holds the glowing ball. Andi and peter disappeared and that they seemed in front of the vintage shack.

Peter: why are we right here?
Andi: I assume this glowing ball offers us a portal to this vintage hut.

It was behind andi and peter there genderuwo who choked their necks each. after which andi lifted the sparkling ball and the ball was glowing and made the genderuwo run away in worry. At that point they entered the hut and after they broke into the empty room, they determined siska, ayu, and rani sure in the room. Andi and peter straight away free up siska, ayu, and rani are certain.

Peter: Siska let’s move now!
Siska: permit’s get to recognise his ghost.

As they go they may be within the presence of many ghosts and that they can not move anywhere.

Peter: how can we move nowhere?
Andi: calm there ought to be a way out.

loading …
At that point the ghosts had been an increasing number of.

Siska: I know rani fast factor the sparkling necklace to them.
Peter: Andi allow’s you also direct the globe to that ghost.

Rani and Andi direct the necklaces and sparkling spheres before the ghosts and all of the ghosts disappear. At that moment there was a mob of police calling their names, and they had been determined by means of police in a kingdom of unconsciousness in an old hut. And they are brought returned to their town and get treatment on the sanatorium. finished.