DO now not WASTE in the instances

By | 4 Maret 2018

Hy all see ya once more with me, oh yes I forgot to say whats up assallamu’alaikum wr, wb. i will tell the story of my neighbor, the scene near my domestic because it’s miles the land of my deceased grandfather’s deceased. I just forgot the time, which I should be a kid. This incident in my neighbor’s nature which is rather younger than my grandmother, I call it bu D. It befell like this, whilst it bu D need to throw garbage.

but bu D throw garbage at instances so for KCH readers do not imitate ya. because it is not good, it could motive flooding and disrupt the others specifically the watchers of instances, you know. because this tale has something to do with bu D, at that time bu D did his flawed custom inside the rubbish that is throwing garbage at times because his house is near time, not to mention bu D do it every midnight.

Understandably throw the rubbish secretly, while bu D stroll to time bu D nonetheless looks cozy, when want to throw rubbish bu D see there are ladies standing at the threshold of times close to the guava tree bol. The woman unexpectedly talked to bu D, without a worry even invited to talk to the female.

Mysterious girl: what else bu?
Mrs. D: once more throw away the rubbish.
Mrs. D: What are you doing on your own at night time? (the usage of a Betawi accessory).

loading …
abruptly the lady approached and her hair in the bundle right away unraveled and the woman straight away was a scary determine. The determine disappears at the same time as laughing like leave out kunti. with out similarly ado, D right now ran to her house. the next day bu D tells the incident and bu D now not dare once more to waste at the time. such a lot of stories from me thanks. Assallamu’alaikum wr, wb. add my facebook.