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only a story from the humans in my village whilst i used to be a kid. Jurig aki bald whilst it’s far in the Indonesian language is the ghost of bald grandfather. Jurig akbar barely used to show up in a manner this is known as the gonggo. The Gonggo while i was in a… Read More »

old AND contemporary

within the afternoon at dusk in a lifeless metropolis. seen a lovely female named Lala changed into going for walks on the street alley. Lala become chased via a demon called Lautek. Lala saved jogging till subsequently out of the small alley and into the massive street. Feeling tired Lala determined to cover in the… Read More »


hey buddy KCH, back once more with me miki mouse, and this is my 2nd story before the terrible screaming tale. well I just tell you good enough, so the tale is like this. At that point i used to be little about the age of 10 years I assume. It became 8 o’clock at… Read More »


whats up pals of KCH friends. lower back again nih same I miki mouse, this is my 3rd story, and just the tale good enough. This tale has long been about i was in third grade and while i used to be in college next to kindergarten (kindergarten) which he stated in kindergarten is lots… Read More »


Assalammualaikum great pal KCH. Meet me once more miki mouse, this is my brother’s tale. And this is my fifth tale. My antique * ndak publish story because busy and * ndak had time to put up the tale. immediately I dah story. So this is my vintage brother’s story. So the tale, at that… Read More »

whilst IBLIS shopping SAJADAH

simply to mirror together and with none purpose, please examine. That afternoon before dzuhur. one of the Devils is inside the mosque. by the way that day Friday. Time for people to accumulate. The evil has in the mosque. He seems so solemn. humans commenced coming. devil is transformed into hundreds of bureaucracy. He entered… Read More »


This finger maintains to pedal a pen that follows your coronary heart. Incarnate sentence via sentence in time to be eroded. let me write a tale approximately a scratch in a heart. Remembering the soul that still smile in opposition to the * timing of the time. experience the colour of the sector that feels… Read More »

INTERRUPTED problems IN domestic

whats up every body, how are you guys. glad new year for KCH internet site lovers I appreciate and love. Sorry I just wrote the story these days in due to the fact remaining month i was very busy. nicely, this time i will let you know my revel in in overcoming and cleaning the… Read More »

right down to THE GAIB forest

sooner or later there are 5 friends who want to camp within the woodland that he said the woodland become haunted. And the five buddies named Andi, Peter, Siska, Rani, and Ayu. They plan to camp within the woodland that the forest humans say is haunted. At that time they arranged to fulfill on the… Read More »

down to GAIB wooded area component four

formerly ventured into the magic money owed part three. whilst the flying head ghost become coming near Andi, Peter additionally hit the flying head ghost with the wood and the ghost of the flying head become lifeless. Peter: Andi you * okay? Andi: it’s nothing. Peter: yes we are searching out Siska, Ayu, and rani… Read More »