all the way down to GAIB FOR part 3

By | 4 Maret 2018

formerly ventured into the magical forest element 2. now not long ago Siska were given up from sleep and he just desires Peter and Andi fell into the abyss. He immediately wakened Ayu.

Siska: Ayu awaken!
Ayu: what the hell is siska?

Siska: i was dreaming that Peter and Andi had fallen into the abyss.

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Ayu: it is only a dream, already-i am going to sleep sleepy.

after they went back to mattress there has been a loud bang from outdoor the cottage. The voice was so loud that Siska and Ayu woke up from her sleep. And once they went to Andi and Peter’s room. however when they knock on Peter and Andi’s door, nobody opens the door.

Siska: why now not open the door?
Ayu: simply strive to interrupt it.

* Siska brak breaks down the door of Andi and Peter’s room. and that they have been amazed due to the fact Andi and Peter have been not within the room.

Siska: why are not they inside the room?
Ayu: yes yes, wherein are they.
Siska: lest the only in my dream is right.

instantly a person came up behind them and patted their shoulders. Siska and Ayu screamed with worry and who tapped their shoulders become Rani.

Rani: * hust do not be noisy.
Siska: ih Rani just ngagetin.
Ayu: it is just a surprise.
Rani: i’m sorry.
Siska: in which did you go from right here?

Rani: simply while you were slumbering I observed there was a shimmering mild and i approached the mild, and determined i discovered a necklace and that i without delay took the necklace. however after I come again you’re long past and i’m seeking out you guys, and it is here.

Siska: sure we were in a ghost.
Rani: Ghost?

As they talked Ayu’s neck was clutched by using the genderuwo coming from behind them. And Rani and Siska have been looking to assist but both of them additionally within the hen by kuntilanak disguised as grandmother. And the 3 of them had been delivered to the room and tied up. At that second Andi woke up from his unconscious and did now not recognise in which.

Andi became seeking out Peter who disappeared. whilst looking for Peter Andi additionally noticed the determine of a flying creature. And Andi ran scared and concealed behind a banyan tree. At that time accidentally Andi stepped at the bottle used and sounded * krek and make a flying head ghost turned into drawing near Andi. subsequent is on the adventure into the magical wooded area part 4.