all the way down to GAIB FOR component 2

By | 4 Maret 2018

previously ventured into the magical wooded area. At that moment Andi attempted to spotlight the ghosts with a flashlight, and consequently the ghost became anxious. Andi persevered to spotlight them with flashlights and straight away went from the area. inside the center of the wooded area they got lost and it became dark. At that moment they determined an old shack in the center of the wooded area and they went instantly to the hut. As they enter the hut, they meet a grandmother.

grandma: what are you doing right here?
Andi: we were given misplaced on this wooded area and we just met the ghost.
Grandma: sure already, this night you sleep in grandma’s grandson’s hut.
Andi: sure nek makasih ya nek.
grandma: alike.

They slept in the vintage shack. At dusk Andi heard a sound like a knife within the teaser. Andi turned into nervous when he heard the sound, and Andi ventured to go to the kitchen due to the fact the sound got here from the kitchen. And whilst Andi entered the kitchen Andi become surprised by what he saw, the grandmother turned into nonetheless sharpening a very sharp knife and the grandmother changed into drawing near Andi and cut the knife to Andi.

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but Andi restrained the grandmother’s hand and shouted “please! Please!”. right away Peter hit the lower back of the grandmother and the grandmother became bounced. It seems the grandmother is kuntilanak who tried to kill them through disguised as an old grandmother. after which Andi and Peter ran out of the hut and left Ayu and Siska nonetheless in the hut.

At that point Andi and peter in chase kuntilanak disguised to be the vintage grandma in advance. As Andi and Peter ran, Peter plunged into the abyss and Andi held his hand to hold Peter from falling into the abyss. At that time kuntilanak driven Andi and that they each fell into the abyss. subsequent is on the journey into the magical forest component three.